January 2019

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January Selections


Greece produces excellent wine at terrific prices. The grapes may not be familiar ones but they deliver quality. This wine is made from Roditis Alepou and Moschofilero—two grapes that are easy drinking. The winery says “the Moschofilero contributes vibrant floral notes of rose petal and a lively fruity profile, while the Roditis provides an elegant lemony character and crisp acidity”. 

$16.99 regular $14.99 club 


Cabernet Franc deserves some of your attention. It has traditionally been added to Bordeaux blends but on its own it makes a delicious wine. The importer of this wine describes it as having a “crimson robe, the nose of subtle raspberry, rhubarb, spicy and tobacco aromas…a unique combination of concentrated fruit, attractive aromatics and body”. 

$11.99 regular $10.29 club


This red wine is made from 85% Agiorgitiko and 15% Syrah and is an excellent red for those weekday meals. It has “explosive fruit on the nose and a peppery youthfulness to the palate…a velvety mouth feel, with flavors of black cherry followed by” an elegant richer finish. 

$16.99 regular $14.99 club




Rombauer is a legendary winery in the industry and well known for its Chardonnay, but their Merlot has its own rich story to tell. This Napa Valley wine is comprised of 78% Merlot, 18% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 4% Petit Verdot. It’s a great blend and the Petit Verdot gives it a bit of backbone. According to the winery it was one of the earliest vintages in its 38 year history but the long warm weather created an exceptional wine. A small portion of the wine was barrel fermented to give it “a richer, more textured palate”. It ages in French oak barrels for 17 months of which 30% are new. 

There are “aromas of fresh, ripe blueberries, ripe plum and black currant…with notes of cedar and vanilla…plush with flavors of plums, blueberries, and figs upfront, leading to a juicy red fruit midpalate”. A wine for now or a few years from now. 




Unless you’ve been living in a monastery where you are not allowed news or to speak, you know that Riesling is currently riding a wave of great popularity. There are all kinds of Riesling styles: very sweet, sweet, kinda-sweet, not-so-sweet, kinda-dry, dry, very dry, etc. This one is dry but with no sharp edges. Riesling is also a grape that ages well so it goes against the thought that one should drink all white wines while they are young. 

The Trimbach family has been making wine since 1626 so they know how to make a good bottle of wine. Riesling is the backbone of this winery and this wine is one of its most popular offerings. They also characterize it as the most emblematic of Alsace grape varieties. It dis-tinguishes itself as having “the fine balance between its dry personali-ty, its distinguished fruitiness and its natural vitality contribute to its exceptional richness. As the house style dictates, it is vinified dry”. This wine will pair with a lot of dishes—everything from pork, to dumplings to sushi. It will make you rethink what Riesling can be. If you’ve wanted to try a Riesling this is a good one to start with. 




The Piedmont region has a huge following in the wine world. It is known for its world famous regions of Barolo and Barbaresco. While those wines may cost more than we are willing to spend on an average day, the grape they are made from—Nebbiolo, has proven to be a nice accessible alternative. In addition, a winery like Damilano has been offering a lot of value for money in this category. The Langhe region within Piedmont offers some of the best quality of said grape. In reviewing this wine, James Suckling describes it as “plenty of fresh red fruit such as raspberries and cranberries as well as herbs, cedar and licorice. Medium to full body, tangy acidity, firm tannins and a fruity finish”. In addition to giving it 92 points he says “Drink now”—we couldn’t agree more. 



Let’s start with the fact that this is a wine with bubbles. Let’s also start with the fact that it is reddish in color—it is 90% Gamay and 10% Poulsard. It is also quite a delicious treat that comes from the eastern part of France located between Lyon and Geneva. The wine undergoes a natural fermentation and no dosage is allowed (like in Champagne). The result is a naturally slightly sweet wine that is delicious on its own or with food. If you are looking for a slightly sweet deep rosé sparkler, this is it. 




One of the best things about the wine business is discovery. The discovery of new places and new wines. The discovery of a producer who is all about the land, the vines and continuing the family’s history via the vineyard. The photos of where the Nebbiolo grown for this wine will make you want to book a trip to this very northern Italian region of Valtellina. The fresh clean flavors here start out with fermentation in stainless steel and it stays there for another eight months of aging. The winery states that this wine is “in its simplicity it is an explosion of Alpine freshness”. The pure Nebbiolo here on “the nose reveals fresh and fruity aromas of berries with very clean and pleasing aromas that starts with hints of cherry, currant and strawberry followed by scents of rose and violet. In the mouth the taste is fresh and dry, denoting wine with a light but interesting body”. 




This winery is best known for its Cabernet Sauvignon but its Chardonnay is a hidden gem. Jordan makes this wine in a style that is more reminiscent of the old world—think white Burgundy. The winemaker thinks that “like 2015, the 2016…will be remembered as very Chablis in style upon release. Expect this wine to take on more Puligny-Montrachet qualities with another 1-2 years of bottle age”. This is a beautifully styled wine that “reveals flavors of lemon, Asian pear and kumquat with a beautiful weight and roundness”. Don’t pass up a chance to experience excellence in California Chardonnay. 




If bourbon has had a renaissance, so has rye. Rye has an edge that bourbon does not, it certainly has a flavor that bourbon does not—that’s because bourbon is based on corn and has a generally sweeter taste. Rye on the other hand adds a more focused flavor to cocktails. In the cocktail bar world, Rittenhouse is a workhorse due to its great quality and very reasonable price. This 100 proof bottled in bond offering has an aroma of “dried fruits, toffee, and sweet peppers”; and a taste of “ clean, rich, cocoa, citrus, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla”. The Rittenhouse recipe for a Manhattan is 2 oz Rittenhouse Rye, .75 oz sweet vermouth and 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters. Garnish with a cherry. 

$27.99/750ml bottle 



And if bourbon and rye have had a renaissance, so has gin. There is an embarrassment of riches in the world of this juniper berry based spirit. This beautiful gin from Ireland is made from wild plants that are foraged around the distillery. They are so careful about the environment that sometimes they even use scissors to pick the plants so as to not upset a root system! It is an intense gin that mixes the traditional gin ingredients with the foraged ones. The aromas are intense and varied—this is not a juniper bomb, it is very clean in taste. It will make a great gin and tonic—especially if you use a tonic like Fever Tree or Q; you want to let the gin speak for itself. 

$31.99/750mL bottle


One of the most important aspects of making drinks and serving wine is temperature. We don’t often think about temperature unless the temperature is in some way not right. 

Think about the cube of ice you need for the shaken martini or the block of ice you need for the summer party punch. Either way you want ice that is pure, clean and brilliant. 

While at many other places you are buying ice made by someone else, at Towne we have our own icehouse. We make our own beautiful ice. 

The ice is available in cubes. Not only is Towne your source for fine spirits, excellent wine and craft beer of all types, we are the place to ensure that all of those things are at the right temperature. 

Ice. Ice. Baby. 


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