August 2018

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August Club Selections


This winery makes really good wine at really good prices! This particular wine is a blend of Syrah (aka Shiraz), Mourvedre, and Viognier. Even though that last grape is white it adds aromatics but doesn’t change the color. This is an easy drinking medium bodied wine perfect for any event. If you are looking for a Rhone kind of wine with a good price this is it.
$12.99 regular $11.69 club


Chardonnay is probably the most popular white grape in the world. Riesling is one of the great grapes of the world and in the last few years incredibly popular and don’t forget Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Bianco. Combine all of these grapes and you have a unique and tasty wine. It has so much flavor and savoriness with the rich feel of a more expensive wine. A real winner!!!
$13.99 regular $12.59 club


This rosé from Austria is a blend of the well known Pinot Noir and two typically Austrian grapes—Zweigelt and St. Laurent. According to the winery this wine is made like a white wine, so it has kept its acidity and is a perfect companion to food. It has the “fragrance and fruit nuances of wild cherry and fresh berries”.
$15.99 regular $14.39 club

The Threesome $38.67



A leviathan is defined as something big and this wine is definitely a Leviathan. Produced by the former winemaker at Screaming Eagle, (if you follow wine )you know that not so long ago it was one of the most sought after wines. The winery only produces one wine and this is it. It is a blend focusing on Cabernet Sauvignon. While the winery doesn’t reveal what the other grapes are, it does however say that Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Franc have been in the blend. Just earlier this year it received 90 points from Antonio Galloni. It was described in the following words “a big, juicy wine that will appeal to readers who enjoy flashy, extrovert-ed reds”. “Copious red cherry jam, red plum, spice, vanilla and oak are pushed forward in this flamboyant racy Cabernet Sauvignon based red…one of the best values in California.”


“Beer is made by men, wine by God”—Martin Luther



It is time to slow down this summer and experience some of the pleasures of California wine. This winery has become a classic in Napa with its focus on Sauvignon Blanc (it also produces wonderful Cabernet Sauvignon and other Bordeaux varietals). This wine is all estate grown and sustainably farmed—they want to protect the land and the environment for future generations. It is 100% Sauvignon Blanc from a vintage that was almost perfect. A warm spring led to warm summer days and cool nights—perfect growing conditions for this grape. The wine went into stainless steel tanks so what you get here are fresh clean flavors and no wood. The wine comes from Dollarhide, a unique vineyard that is ideally suited to Bordeaux varietals such as this one. There is a diversity to the soils that allows the winery “to match the right soils with the optimum combination of rootstock, clone selection and cultivation practices”. The winemaker describes the wine as “expressive aromas of passion fruit, pink grapefruit and lime are rich and enticing with a touch of caper”. “On the palate, flavors of grapefruit and lime zest come together with passion fruit to create an intense and delicious wine.”




It is practically guaranteed that any conversation about Argentinian wine will have to include the grape Malbec. It will also have to include the name Catena. The Catena family has been making wine since 1902 and is one of the leading wineries in Argentina. While it does make various levels of Malbec wine, this is the one they are most known for. It is 100% Malbec made from four distinct vineyards that exist at various elevations. Each of the vineyards has a different soil component which of course has an influence on the grapes—they are harvested at different times. The wine is fermented with wild yeasts and depending on the vintage uses either new oak and/or used oak. A quality wine from a producer who knows Malbec and all that it could be.




The owners of this California brewery are brothers-in-law—one is nicknamed the Bear and the other one the Lion. Together though they make great beer. This particular one is a wild ale that is brewed with raspberries. Generally wild beers have a sour aspect to them, i.e. this isn’t going to be a malty beer. In this case the sour aspect is balanced out by raspberries that have been grown in the Santa Maria Valley about 30 miles north of the brewery. The base beer is a bretta weisse to which the fresh raspberries have been added, and then it goes through a second fermentation, and then put into French oak barrels and aged for 6-26 months. It’s a great refreshing summer beer.

$12.49/375 ml bottle


Casa Dragones BlancoCasa Dragones Blanco

This is a “sipping tequila”. It is a small production artisanal tequila that has been named “Best Blanco Tequila” by Epicurious. It is 100% Blue Agave produced to really let the pure expression of the agave shine through.

Like wine, this tequila is the expression of terroir. Terroir has to do with the land, the air, and the microclimate. As with wine, the agave for tequila can only be grown in certain areas. The agave for Casa Dragones is grown in The Valley of Tequila in Jalisco. It is a rich environment for growing the agave used here. The distillery suggests drinking it on its own with a twist but you can also use it in cocktails such as the Stumble bee.

2 oz Casa Dragones Blanco
3/4 oz lemon juice
3/4 oz honey syrup
Shake with ice and strain into salt and black peppercorn rimmed rocks glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

$71.39/ 750 ml bottle


Before there was New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, there was Sancerre. It was once a very popular wine from the Loire Valley in France and it is once again rising in popularity. This example is pure unadulterated fruit using only stainless steel. James Molesworth of Wine Spectator describes it as “very pure and chiseled, with gooseberry, straw and flint flavors tightly coiled, driven by a mouthwatering fleur de sel note through the long, bone-dry finish, which is built on minerality”. The winery has a long history of winemaking which they have combined with modern winemaking. Buy a few bottles as this wine will be good for a few years. 91 points from Wine Spectator as well as being on their Top 100 list.




This is pure and beautiful Chenin Blanc that is off-dry in a very charming way. We want to emphasize this because Chenin can be anything from sparkling to sweet but in this case it is a biodynamic,
certified organic wine produced from grapes grown on flinty soil (silex). Its aroma is nothing short of tantalizing with notes of “ripe quince, baked apples, and acacia honey”. It does have a “mineral character, along with a fruity undertone from the ripeness of the grapes”. This summer it would be perfect with scallops or what the French call langoustines.




One of the most beloved wineries in Connecticut that is best known for its Ballet of Angels wine is Sharpe hill. It should also be known for the other award winning wines it produces. This
wine is a blend of Chardonnay and Melon de Bourgogne (the same grape in Muscadet). If you don’t get a chance to make it out to this winery, pick up a bottle of this at our store as it is a “lovely crisp and dry Burgundian style Chardonnay…bright and clean on the palate with a distinctive mineral character”. Bring a little of the Quiet Corner of Connecticut home.




One of the most important aspects of making drinks and serving wine is temperature. We don’t often think about temperature unless the temperature is in some way not right. Think about the cube of ice you need for the shaken martini or the block of ice you need for the summer party punch. Either way you want ice that is pure, clean and brilliant.

While at many other places you are buying ice made by someone else, at Towne Liquor Store we have our own icehouse. We make our own beautiful ice.
The ice is available in cubes. Not only is Towne Liquor Store your source for fine spirits, excellent wine and craft beer of all types, we are the place to ensure that all of those things are at the right temperature.
Ice. Ice. Baby.

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