April 2015

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Volume 8, Issue 4             April 2015

Inside this issue:

April Selections, Corvina Plus, Family, Not Traditional, Cellar Selection, Jefferson BBN Icon, Folie A Deux, Betsy’s Corner


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April Selections

Tomero Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

This winery was a real surprise! It is located in the Mendoza Region Of Argentina. It is a family run winery that was built in 2002. The wine maker Carlos Pulenta, with the help of his family, created this very approachable wine. It has layers and layers of dark cocao, plum and black currants. I guaran-tee that this wine will not disappoint!!! The finish of spice and chocolate is worth it… YUMMY!!! And oh what a value!!!

$15.99 reg $13.99 club

Fairview Goats Do Roam White 2013

Quality! Value! That is what this wine is all about. This wine is made by Fairview Winery which is not only family owned but is located in South Africa. It is a blend of Grenache Blanc, Roussanne and Viognier and is made from free run juice of the grapes. It is the perfect wine to kick off the Spring season be-cause it is light and fresh. The peach, apricot and pear flavors that jump out of the glass are lip smacking good… Oh Yea soo soo good!!!

$10.99 reg $8.99 club

Chateau Fontanes Les Traverses 2012

This wine over delivers for the price!!! It is made in Pic St-Loup which is located in the Languedoc. The winemaker, Cyriaque Rozier is extraordinarily talented. He has tamed a raw terroir to create this delicious intense Cabernet Sauvignon. He certainly makes wine on his own terms as can be seen in the wine. It is fermented in concrete tanks and aged in stainless steel for six months up to a year. Do not miss out on this wine!!!

$12.99 reg $11.69 club

trio 34.67

Corvina Plus

Zenato Alanera Rosso 2012

As the internet says “The Zenato family has been perfecting the appassi-mento winemaking for generations. In this typi-cal Veronese style, the grapes are partially dried prior to fermentation. Precise environmental management ensures gentle and even drying. The resulting wine fea-tures flavors of dried and fresh cherries, coffee and sweet tobacco”. The wine is very balanced and has a great finish that goes on and on. It is the perfect match for cured meats, meaty fish, stews, braised meats or medium aged cheeses. It’s even great just by itself!!



ThanischThanisch Riesling 2013

We just love family owned busi-nesses. And how can you not love a family that has been mak-ing wine for over 350 years? This is a family that still holds a high standard of quality to this day. The Estate is owned by Bar-bera Rundquist-Mueller. The Es-tate is located in the town of Bernkastel-kues in the heart of the middle Mosel. This is a fami-ly that takes great pride in the care of the soil and the vines. They use no pesticides or chemi-
cal fertilizers in the the vineyards. And in the cellars they add no artifi-cial additives to the wine. Tasty! Tasty! This wine is 100% Riesling. It is light yellowy in color and has this incredible long long lasting fin-ish. It is somewhat creamy with lay-ers of ripe pear and juicy pineapple. The wine has just the right amount of minerality that doesn’t make it to heavy to drink. Watch out, Summer, here we come. A no brainer for the deck…


Not Traditional

Cos Frapatto 2012

In the last several years Sicily has become very popular for wines. Cos Winery is located in the Vit-toria region of Sicily. In 1980 it was the brain child of three friends who grew up around the wine business. They took the first letters of their last names (Cilia, Occhipinti and Strano). They were the youngest winemakers in Italy at the time. Today only two of the partners remain. If you are looking for non traditional then this is a winery you should not overlook. They understand the soil and how it effects the wine. They use terra-cotta amphora and large Slovonian Barrels instead of French Bar-riques. This cuts down on the oak in the wine and what you get is more intense flavor. This wine is 100% Frapatto. It is pale in col-or and tastes just like fresh cher-ries. You are getting such pure bright fruit at its best! A perfect wine for the Spring..

$31.99/ bottle

This Month’s Cellar Selection

Antonio Vallana Spanna 2011

You probably are not familiar with Spanna. It is just another name for Nebbiolo. In 1937 Val-lana was established as we know it today but the winery has always been know for great wines for as long as we can remember. As the family says “ Nebbiolo is a grape of terroir. The area where the grapes come from has acidic soil which gives the wine back-bone and structure that ultimately adds to the ageability”. This is a family that takes great pride in their wines. No one says it better than Burton Anderson “Vallana creates wines of extraordinary life spans”, “wines that must be con-sidered outstanding among Italy’s fine reds…”. This wine is filled with loads of fruit and has a long finish.


Sit back and relax

Jefferson Small Batch BoubonJefferson Small Batch Boubon

There is nothing that is as hot right now as Bourbon. The Jeffer-son Family is always experimenting and creating new blends of Bourbon. This is a family that thinks out of the box. The founder and master bourbon maker is Trey Zoeller. I can not say it any better than what was said on the website: “small batch bourbons are designed to showcase unique flavors of specific barrels that are blended together to create a great tasting whiskey, and Jefferson’s Very Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon does just that. Jefferson’s is the handiwork of the father and son team Trey and Chet. They embody the spirit of curiosity and experimentation”. This Bourbon is 82 proof, 8 years old and is made at Mclain and Kyne Distillery. It is light in the nose but has a nice smooth mouth feel, with a little spice. You can drink this neat on the rocks, in a Manhattan or a Julep. Here is a great recipe for that Mint Julep…

 Triple Crown Julep
2 1/4 oz. Jefferson
1 tsp. sugar
1 tsp.water
4 mint sprigs

Strip the leaves from 2 mint sprigs and mash with water and sugar in a highball glass until the sugar is dissolved.
Fill with shaved ice and pour in Jefferson.
Stir until the outside of the glass is frosted.
Then garnish with 2 mint sprigs. OMG!!!



Nobilo IconNobilo Icon Sauvignon Blanc 2014

We are all familiar with Nobilo. It has been a household wine for years. It is from Marlborough New Zealand and was founded by Nikola Nobilo. Crisp acidity!! That is what this wine is all about. This is a Sauvignon Blanc that packs a punch. It has flavors of green apples, lime and banana. It is a beautiful yellow color and has great minerality. Even though it drinks like a light wine, this wine can be paired with heavy spicy fish and chicken dishes as well as with salads.

$20.99/ btl

Folie A Deux

Folie A DeuxFolie A Deux Pinot Noir 2012

This is such a great wine. It is the perfect example of a Pinot Noir wine to introduce a newbie to red wines. It comes from the Sonoma coast which is known for their Pinot Noirs. This wine sees 10 months in French oak barrels. It is such a rich powerful wine on the palate. It is so delicious… you will get dark chocolate and a long lush finish. This is a perfect wine to start a party with.


Betsy Betsy’s Corner

Caravan Cabernet SauvignonCaravan Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

Pedigree is very important when we talk about this wine!!! This wine is made by the amazing winery Darioush. Darioush Khaledi was introduced to the love of winemaking by his father in his home land, the city of Shiraz in Iran. In 1997 Darioush came to the United States and wanted to share his love of wine and love of making the wine. Their philosophy is creating wines that represent the vineyards and the people that make them. Darioush is always growing and expanding and Caravan is the child of that exploration. This wine is 76% Cabernet Sauvignon’, 14%Merlot, 6%Cabernet Franc, and 4% Malbec. It is such a people friendly wine. It has layers and layers of flavors. The flavors of dark cherry, blueberry and chocolate just jump out of the glass. YUMMY… This is a perfect company wine or a wine just to sit by yourself and enjoy as you contemplate life. As the back of the bottle says “The caravan of life passes amazingly fast. Seize each moment of your life spent happily. Care not about tomorrow or our rivals, bring out the cup, the night is passing”. $54.99/bottle